Our tapas

In our Restaurants you can enjoy the best typical Spanish tapas. Cold or hot, skewers or salads, let us show you our huge variety of tapas at the center of Barcelona, prepared at the time and with the best local products. Original tapas from different areas of Spain or those created by our Chefs for you. Come and enjoy our variety of croquetas or our famous Spanish omelette.



Green olives in a delicious spicy sauce

Pan con tomate

“Pan amb tomaquet” in Catalan - toasted Flat Bread spread with tomato, garlic and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil

Champiñones al ajillo

Mushrooms in finely grilled strips with garlic and parsley. One of the most characteristic tapas of La Rioja

Potatoes with alioli

Potatoes steamed, peeled and diced accompanied with aioli and parsley

Traditional spanish omelette

A thick omelette made with potatoes, eggs and onions, soft on the inside and perfectly glazed on the outside. It is a speciality that is never missing from a list of traditional Spanish gourmet.

Russian salad

Diced new potato salad, flaked tuna, grilled peppers au natural, peas and carrots, all combined together by a light mayonnaise.

Padrón peppers

Fried Padrón peppers represent one of the most classic Galician tapas

Bravas’ potatoes

Crispy diced potatoes, glazed in a dash of spicy sauce and a hint of mayonnaise. ‘BRAVAS’ potatoes are a Spanish favourite.

Mallorcan Coca

Coca bread with Menorca cow milk cheese, Mallorcan sobrasada and a touch of honey

Mini Manchega

Mini burger with melted Manchego cheese, lettuce, tomato and potatoes with a touch of mayonnaise

Mini deputa madre

Mini burger with serrano ham, melted Manchego cheese, lettuce, tomato and potatoes with a touch of mayonnaise

Mini Burgués

Mini morcilla de Burgos, onion, lettuce, tomato and potatoes with a touch of mayonnaise

Tomato & manchego cheese tartare

Tomato tartare, manchego cheese cured in olive oil, rosemary and Persille.

Andalusian Gazpacho

A refreshing cold soup with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, red and green peppers, cucumber, garlic, onions, vinegar and olive oil. Gazpacho symbolises the Andalusian cuisine.

Artespañol toasts

Slices of bread with tomato, Serrano ham, chorizo, fuet catalan, anchovies and Manchego cheese


Chicken croquette

Three crunchy béchamel croquettes with chicken.

Ham croquette

Three crunchy croquettes of bechamel and serrano ham.

Cod fish croquettes

Three typically Spanish crunchy croquettes, of Iberian ham of acorn, of morcilla de Burgos with pips and of Iberian chorizo.



Catalan salad, Garrotxa goat cheese and grapes with Penedes muscatel lettuce, tomatoes, baby onions and honey

Don Quijote

Manchega salad, onions, tomatoes, Serrano ham, covered with melted Manchego cheese

Pica Picasso

Malaga salad, crumbled cod, oranges, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, boiled egg, olives and onion


Pork Ribs with honey

Tacos of pork ribs, roasted in the oven and caramelized with honey

Chicken skewers

Three marinated chicken brochettes made on the grill.

Chorizo skewers

Three brochettes of chistorra made on the grill.


Manolito’s egg

A fried egg with melted Manchego sheep´s milk cheese and crispy cubed potatoes. Scrambled eggs are a classic tapa of the Spanish gastronomy.

Paco’s egg

A fried egg with bacon-style serrano ham and crispy cubed potatoes. Scrambled eggs are a classic tapa of the spanish gastronomy.

Juanito’s egg (spicy)

A fried egg with 'chistorra' (fried chorizo sausage), crispy cubed potatoes and roasted peppers. Scrambled eggs are a classic tapa of the spanish gastronomy.


Squids in the Andalusian way

Sliced calamari lightly floured and fried, accompanied by aioli with squid ink

Fried fish

Frying of light and crunchy fish at the same time

Mussels with alioli

Oven baked mussels with alioli

Joselito anchovies

Anchovies in vinegar, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and parsley

Tinned clams marnière

Delicious clam with a seafood sauce

Squid with aioli

Grilled squid, garlic and parsley, accompanied by aioli sauce

Casserole of cadaques

Casserole of cadaques, with prawn, mussels, clams and squid, all cooked in a spectacular fish broth.

Boquerones a la malagueña

Grilled and fried anchovies

Galician octopus

Cooked octopus, mildly spicy sweet paprika, olive oil and steamed potatoes

Prawns with garlic flambé

Sautéed prawns, garlic, parsley and flambéed with the typical Monkey anise of Barcelona

Cod with aioli

Cod desalted, baked and baked with aioli

Basque mussels

Mussels with a pinch of hot sauce


Pepi’s meatballs

Ball of minced meat and simmered in its sauce accompanied by crispy potatoes

Hash soup

Beef broth with fine noodles, chickpeas, hard boiled egg and toasted bread dice. Typical soup of the Sevillian cuisine

Toro’s tail at cordoba style

Braised oxtail, simmered with crispy potatoes


Serrano ham

Ham in high places in the mountains, where low temperatures facilitate healing.

Iberian sausage

The best sausage from Iberian pork, raised in freedom with a natural diet.

Iberian chorizo

The chorizo is made with first quality meats from Iberian pig.

Table of sausages and cheese

Jamón serrano, sobrasada mallorquina, morcilla de Burgos, salchichón ibérico y queso manchego

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

Recognized as the jewel par excellence of Spanish cuisine. Iberian pork ham bred in freedom, with a natural diet


Table four Spanish sensations

Four cheeses: San Simón da Costa is a smoked cheese made from Galician cow's milk. Garrotxa is a Catalan goat cheese. Mahon-Menorca, due to its denomination of origin, is a cheese made with cow's milk. Manchego is a cheese with milk from La Mancha sheep

Catalan Sensations

Garrotxa is a goat cheese typical of Catalonia, made by hand from goat milk and accompanied by grapes with Muscat from Penedes

Sensations of the Balearics

Mahón is a cheese with denomination of origin typical of the island of Menorca. It is made with cow's milk, accompanied by honey

Galician sensations

San Simón da Costa is a smoked cheese made from Galician cow's milk accompanied with bitter orange marmalade

Manchegas sensations

Two thin slices of Manchego cheese and quince, plus two Manchego skewers cured in olive oil and rosemary

Taste, tradition y pleasure

It's an explosion of tastes in each recipe inspired by the most profound spanish tradition. Our intenses and gererous flavours will wake up the most refined palates by ofering new gustatory experiences.

Group menus

From 10 people and remember that the menu should be the same for everyone. We have several menus of different varieties and prices adapted to all tastes, with an exquisite range of paellas, tapas, dishes and drinks that you can book so that we have everything ready for your arrival.

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Reserve your table or your menu for groups, if it is for more than 10 people, at the Artespañol restaurant (La Pedrera) or the Los Gómez paellería restaurant (next to Plaza de Catalunya) and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

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