Our menu

In our restaurants you can enjoy the best typical Spanish tapas, paellas, fideuás, and of course traditional desserts in the best style of Artespañol.



delicious and amazing


traditional Spanish cuisine


traditional Spanish cuisine


a sweet touch

Taste, tradition y pleasure

It's an explosion of tastes in each recipe inspired by the most profound spanish tradition. Our intenses and gererous flavours will wake up the most refined palates by ofering new gustatory experiences.

Group menus

From 10 people and remember that the menu should be the same for everyone. We have several menus of different varieties and prices adapted to all tastes, with an exquisite range of paellas, tapas, dishes and drinks that you can book so that we have everything ready for your arrival.

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Reserve your table or your menu for groups, if it is for more than 10 people, at the Artespañol restaurant (La Pedrera) or the Los Gómez paellería restaurant (next to Plaza de Catalunya) and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.