Dessert menu

In our restaurant you can get desserts of different types, prepared in a homemade way and with different flavors. Cold and hot, chocolate or fruit, all the sweet tastes you need to enjoy after a great meal. Light desserts with fruits or the best churros with chocolate, in “Artespañol” we want you to enjoy the best desserts of Barcelona. Do not forget to try our Catalan cream, the most popular dessert of Catalonia.


Fresh fruit salad

Assortment of seasonal fruits.

Creme Catalane

Smooth creamy dessert flavoured with the taste of Catalunya.

Chocolate Coulant

A light caramel liquid at the heart of a creamy chocolate sponge cake.

Apple Pie Tart

Puff pastry with apples caramelized, with a ball of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate fondue with fresh fruits

Dark chocolate served in a fondue pot, accompanied by a mixture of fresh fruits.


Profiteroles with chocolate and cream

Profiteroles filled with a scoop of luscious vanilla ice-cream and covered with hot homemade dark chocolate sauce and served with chantilly cream.

Expresso from Gijón

Delicious creamy chocolate ice-cream covered with a sumptuous homemade chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream.

Delight from Barcelona

Creamy coffee ice-cream bathed in cooled expresso coffee and covered in chantilly cream.

Lady from Elche

Vanilla ice-cream covered with chocolate sauce and chantilly cream.

Duo of ice-cream chocolate & coffee

Two scoops of ice-cream , chocolate and coffee.

Duo of sorbet – Lemon & Apricot

Two scoops of sorbet and apricot.


Churros with hot chocolate

Typically Spanish, churros are succulent and crusty fritters, served with a dish of sumptious thick Spanish chocolate for dipping (optional)!. You can choose 3, 5 or 8 – for sharing or for keeping all for yourself. Why not treat yourself.

Taste, tradition y pleasure

It's an explosion of tastes in each recipe inspired by the most profound spanish tradition. Our intenses and gererous flavours will wake up the most refined palates by ofering new gustatory experiences.

Group menus

From 10 people and remember that the menu should be the same for everyone. We have several menus of different varieties and prices adapted to all tastes, with an exquisite range of paellas, tapas, dishes and drinks that you can book so that we have everything ready for your arrival.

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Reserve your table or your menu for groups, if it is for more than 10 people, at the Artespañol restaurant (La Pedrera) or the Los Gómez paellería restaurant (next to Plaza de Catalunya) and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

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