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ARTEspanol offers best paellas and tapas in Barcelona from 10:00 to 24:00 ours

Artespañol proposes typically Spanish fare. This specialist “Paelleria”, a heretofore unexploited concept, proposes a combined menu of more than 10 traditional paellas and fideuas that follow original recipes. If you want to come and eat the best paella in barcelona, Artespanol brings you to the best paella barcelona.

Customers even have a choice of rice in the making of their paella – round-grain rice, long-grain rice or whole-grain/brown rice. Developed in-house using only the finest ingredients, the paellas and fideuas are prepared and cooked to order by the Paellero.

The paella is the most celebrated and most appreciated Spanish dish in the world. It is the ideal dish to enjoy with family or amongst friends. Artespañol also proposes a large choice of tapas from the four corners of the Iberian Peninsula, with an impressive menu, which has a tendency towards the region of Andalusia, but also towards the region of the Mancha, and the region of Catalonia…Discover now  our great variety of paellas, always with the best ingredients of the area, fresh and with a great taste.

with more than 50 typically Spanish tapas. Artespañol offers diverse possibilities, from its bar service to its table service. Furthermore, one can dine outside the regular hours of lunch and dinner, and enjoy a drink from a choice of 150 references of Spanish wines.

For lovers of Cava, one can also find an extensive menu of Bruts / Dry Cavas, of Blancs de Blancs, and Rosés, ranging from new wines to those of exceptional vintages. And all of this, at all hours, with a continuously high standard, and with a quality cuisine that is at the same time quick and accessible.

At the counter, in one of the numerous dining areas or on the terrace (with a view of the magnificent “La Pedrera”), Artespañol proposes a non-stop restaurant service from 10:00 to 01:00. the best paella in barcelona

Taste, tradition y pleasure

It's an explosion of tastes in each recipe inspired by the most profound spanish tradition. Our intenses and gererous flavours will wake up the most refined palates by ofering new gustatory experiences.

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Group menus

From 10 people and remember that the menu should be the same for everyone. We have several menus of different varieties and prices adapted to all tastes, with an exquisite range of paellas, tapas, dishes and drinks that you can book so that we have everything ready for your arrival.

+34 690 87 19 25

Reserve your table or your menu for groups, if it is for more than 10 people, at the Artespañol restaurant (La Pedrera) or the Los Gómez paellería restaurant (next to Plaza de Catalunya) and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.